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Memory Foam Pillow

Reasons to Buy!

  • White to suit any bedroom decor
  • Soft cotton outer cover
  • Filled with special Memory Foam Flakes along with a Fibre Wrap
  • Built in temperature control
  • Get a peaceful nights sleep 

Brand: Arden Homes

Product Code: AH033

Availability: In Stock

Price: £20.00 £12.50

Never have a stiff neck again

If waking up each morning clutching your neck after a rough nights sleep sounds familiar to you, take a look at the wonderful Arden Homes Memory Foam Pillow, where this aching feeling will soon become a distant memory.

You can rest your head with ease as the pillow instantly reacts to your shape and weight, meaning you are fully supported in a natural position.

Drift away into a blissful, deep sleep

This memory foam pillow is specifically designed to avoid the pitfalls of a conventional pillow where getting comfortable is always a battle. The white pillow moulds to your shape, meaning that tossing and turning throughout the night will become a thing of the past.

Stay warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer

One of the key features of the Memory Foam Pillow from Arden Homes is the ability to remain at the temperature you desire! The 'magical' pillow will help you to stay cool on those hot Summer nights, when getting a decent nights sleep is a chore for most, and will remain warm and cosy on those chilly Winter evenings. What more could you want from a pillow?

With this Memory Foam Pillow, you will no longer be counting sheep at night

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