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Janey Headboard | 24"/61cm High to 40"/ 127cm High

Reasons to Buy!

  • Each headboard is handmade to your preferences of colour, fabric and decorative buttons 
  • Creates a luxurious look in your bedroom and added decoration to your wall
  • The Janey prides itself on maximum comfort
  • Includes wooden fixing struts or wall brackets to easily fit 
  • Free delivery
  • Dispatched within 3-7 working days

Brand: Arden Homes

Product Code: AH026

Availability: In Stock

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* Height:

* Headboard Size:

* Fabrics & Colours:

* Headboard Fittings:

* Buttons:

Price: £190.00 £110.00

This stunning headboard will surely make your bedroom more exciting and thrilling than it already is.

Comfort and style are top priorities for the Janey. It is a vibrant mix of classical and modern styles and utilises extra deep padding.

The Janey is similar in design to the Jade but has an attractive border around the Headboard to give it a different look.

This is a unique headboard by design. It utilises classical features and merges them with a modern aesthetic. The height of this Janey is matched rarely by other headboards and gives a flavour of the art deco aesthetic.

The added buttons add a great deal of extra detail and really bring together the finished style of this elegant headboard.

You'll be able to enjoy resting like you never have, with the large height of the Janey and its extra deep padding.

The Janey will ensure you're well prepared to live lavishly in the day ahead and take on the world.

Will this headboard serve as a retreat you look forward to when you've had a busy day or will it prepare you for busy times ahead?

We hope it will make your bedroom an even more enjoyable place than it already is. While this headboard will undoubtedly have to leave your side, we hope it will not leave your mind in those busy times.

You have the choice of either wall mounted brackets to position your headboard in a fixed position. Alternatively, the headboards are mountable with wooden fixing struts giving you the ability to accommodate for any set up you choose.

The 40"high Janey will come with Wall Brackets as standard, so there is no need to add them as an option. 

Wooden struts are not suitable for the higher headboards due to the weight of them.

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